July 2007, Good Bye Australia
Wow it's final preparations for leaving Australia.  Where did 8 months go?  Here in Darwin the Sundowners on Shiraz were a must.  Rene is showing us her new skill on the Didgeridoo, we also bought one.  Above are Benjamin and Henrietta from Norway on s/v Uterus, yes it means what you think!  The boat is the womb that protects them. 
Below, we replaced our old dinghy wheels with new ones.  Thank you Bill Hory from Carefree tire!  We received pictures of the twins and we wish mom, you and the twins well.
Drake poses with his new friend Finn, from s/v Sunburn from New Zealand, and Phoebe, in front of our overloaded dinghy.  Sunburn is traveling on the sail indonesia rally too.  It will be nice to have other "kid" boats again.  The dingy is loaded with provisions for the boat.  This is only 1 of 3 trips out to
Blue Sky.  We could live on our goods for months, however, we don't know what to expect when we get to Indo so it's better to be prepared.
Phoebe with Finn's sister, Sophie and their  fort on the beach.  One night a possum came out of a tree at the Darwin Sailing Club looking for treats.  Phoebes gets to hold a baby crocadile, Drake would have nothing to do with it.
Sunset over the Fannie Bay anchorage in Darwin.  Everyone thinks Captain Cook arrived in Australia first, but after reading a book called 1421, we learned the Chinese did.  They found an amulet under a Banyan tree.  The tree had been here for 100's of years prior, and they are not indigenous to Australia.  Below we took Blue Sky to the Fuel dock for duty free fuel, 1000 litres, 300 gallons.  The locks on the right are to get into the Marina as the tides can be up to 25 feet.  We won't have internet for a couple months now, as we head into Indonesia.