July 2006, Moorea and Huahine
Blue Sky is anchored in Opunohu Bay in Moorea, French Polynesia.  Captain Cook landed here for one week in 1777, his visit was uncharacterically brutal, as he smashed the islanders' canoes and burned their homes when they refused to return a stolen goat. If you watch the new version of The Bounty, with Mel Gibson, it was filmed in this bay. 
We took a dinghy tour of Cooks Bay, which was the next bay over, however Captain Cook never visited this bay.  
This anchorage was beautiful and very peaceful after Tahiti.  The water was very clear and their was a fun beach to play on.
Our friends on s/v Lawur were anchored here as well, here is Drake and his new buddy Benjamin, both 6.
In front of the Beachcombers Hotel you can swim with the stingrays.  A tour boat just left, but they were still hungry.  They would come right up to you and hug you and were very friendly.  We still tried to avoid their tails.
We also saw a black tip reef shark, lurking in the deep.  The stingrays enjoyed our can's of sardines that we feed them.  We were very proud of the kids to get in and swim with them.  Drake was a little scared as you can see.
After snorkeling, we went to the hotel for a much deserved beer.  The kids were able to swim in the very cold pool.  Pictured from left, Jim, Emma, Robert on  s/v Lawur from Austria and Santa Cruz, Judith from Germany, Niki, Robert's wife and Ray and Judy from Alaska on s/v Neriad.
Phoebe is pictured with Oponohu Bay behind her.  Cooks bay is just to the right, Moorea is shaped like a heart.
We all took a day hike, about 3-4 miles up the road to the look out of Oponohu and Cooks bay.  Along the way we passed ancient Marae sights and the agricultural school, which had delicous smoothies and home made sorbets from local ingredients.  It was a wonderful treat after a long hot hike.  This was one of the sunny days we have had.  It rained pretty much most of the time. .  I
As you can see Jim's knee is much better, he was able to climb the mast to fix a bulb and actually catch a wave!  (Ha Ha.) 
Next stop Huahine, we anchored off Fare village.  Unfortunaley, some friends of ours had their surf boards stolen right of their boats, and another cruiser found a surfer on his boat at 6:00am helping himself to whatever he could find, at least he was scared away.  We only stayed for 24 hours, and kept a close eye on the boat. That evening a charter boat dropped their anchor within spitting distance from us, you could see the throw up on the hull from the passengers, nice.  That night a huge squall hit us and we were being pushed one way by the current and another by the wind, thank god the charter boat moved and another boat dragged their anchor.  So having hardly any sleep from the sloppy crossing from Moorea, we had no sleep that night. The above picture is of the breakers at the pass and you can just see Raitea and Tahaa behind.
Here is a photo of the range markers that you need to line up in order to enter the pass safefly.  We were anchored just off the channel, but could still feel a strong current from the pass.
Here is Blue Sky anchored in Fare.  Below are Flavy and Cedric from France, we met them in Moorea and ran into them in Huahine.  They are on their honeymoon.  Unfortunately we missed them in Bora Bora.