Nuie Island (August 2006)
Nuie Island pronounced Neway.  From Palmerston it was a fast three day sail.  We made it out of Palmerston just in time as the weather really deteriorated.  We made it into the lee of Nuie and onto the last mooring ball just before the weather really got lousy.  Many of our friends who left from Raratonga were not so lucky.  Big seas and strong winds.
The photograph above is the dinghy dock at Nuie.  The fishing boats and freighters come along side this huge concrete dock to off-load their cargo.  In order to get our dingys on to the dock we had to use the crane below to hoist our tenders using our own slings.  It was a good thing Emma and I had great practice hoisting 30' racing boats in Redondo as this did not phase us in the least.  This was the coolest dinghy dock we have seen.
First stop on land is the ice cream shop.  Phoebe and Drake really enjoyed the variety of ice cream available.  It is always a treat to come on shore and have fresh ice cream.  New Zealand is their main source of supply. So the food was pretty good. 
Although Nuie is a small country,  we were able to find a great deal to see and do.  It was the first non-volcanic island and consisted of limestone.  Above is Emma, Amy (s/v Sandpiper) & Rene (s/v Shiraz) enjoying the one big resort, Matavai.  Phoebe is checking out the big swell that was the remains of the storm that we were so fortunate to have missed.  The resort offered a fish & chips night once a week and we took them up on it twice.  The children also enjoyed the swimming pools even though it was not warm.
One day we rented a car with other cruisers.  We did a lap around the island and checked out a few of the hikes.  Nuie has some fantastic geology as it is a raised island made of limestone.  The caves and pools were spectacular.  Note how clear the water is  This is Limu cave, the water is so clear because there are no rivers, all the water is filtered through the limestone.
Phoebe likedthe arches hike the best, here she is with our friend Amy on s/v Sandpiper..  You had to go through a cave to get to the beach.  The photo of the family below shows the arch over my right shoulder.  The photograph below left is the cave entrance on the way down to the arch.  Bottom right Phoebe is with her surrogate Grandma, Rene on s/v Shiraz.
This is the hike to the chasam, through dried coral, it was like a moon scape.   Note the really angry Pacific Ocean.  Those are 30' plus waves.  I even was sprayed by one when I was down in the chasam.
Phoebe, Drake and Jim snorkeling. This pool is a mixture of fresh and salt water.  The fresh water was really cold and the ocean was warm.  The blending of the two was surreal,  it looked like we were swimming in salad oil.  The two did not want to combine.  The photo below is me decending into Togo chasam,then on the right inside it.. Usually there is no water at the bottom, but with the waves so large there was.  This is normally a cave to the ocean side.
At first Jim was the only one to go into the Chasm.  We all got our courage and went down, all of us that is except Phoebe and Drake.  The ladder was a little too long and steep for them. Below are photos of how large the waves were that day.  All we could think of were our friends, Sensei  and Capaz,who were actually sailing in that!  We were happy to be on a mooring ball.
There is a golf course on Nuie,and we just had to play. How many people can say they played golf on Nuie?  We arranged a game on Sunday afternoon with our friend Lofa and Sonia from town.  I think all the cruisers in the bay showed up, half played golf and the other half came up for dinner.  It was a wonderful day.  A few other kid boats showed up, so everyone was happy.  To the left are kids from s/v Foam, who have three boys from England.  We don't know how Lynne, their mom, does it.  Also pictured is Claire from s/v Sensei and Jake and Zack from s/v Capaz. It was fun to see all our friends again.  The kids took over the pool table, thankfully there were no rips in the cloth.  The golf course was nine holes and a little bumpy,but who cares, we're on Nuie!  Our hosts were wonderful.
A few other boats showed up and we all  went exploring.  Above left are our friends from Capaz, Sensei and Zafarse.  We took everyone to Matavai resort for a swim and happy hour.  Drake and Phoebe are on the pool bridge.  To the right  are some more kid boats, pictured is Ohana Kai, Capaz, Sea Kardinal and Foam.   Below is a rainy beach day with the Washaway cafe and bar behind. This was a fun hang out with live music on Wednesday night and great cheeseburgers.
Lofa is on the right and is the owner of Falalafas', our favorite restaurant  on Nuie.  She was a wonderful host and treated us like family.  Nuie has been one of our favorite stops.
All the boat kids sitting still for once!  From left, Claire, Jake, Peter, Zack, Sebastian, Phoebe and Matthew.
Jim pictured with Sonia and Lynne.  Sonia was another wonderful local who treated us like family.  She and Lofa helped organize the golf and also played. They made our stay wonderful.