Sebana to Port Dickson, Malaysia
Drake celebrated his 8th birthday on November 27, at Sebana Cove with his good friends.

Hans, from s/v Reve du Lune, helped put together the transformer he gave him. 

Finn poses with the Lego set he gave Drake. 

Phoebe helped me decorate the fresh baked brownies, while Drake blew out the candles. 
December, 2007:  Before we left Sebana Cove we ventured into Singapore one more time and took the children with us.  One, because they had not been there yet and two, our passports got stamped for another three months in Malaysia.  Of course we had to do the mandatory stop off at McDonalds. Thankfully they are few and far between and not down the street like back at home.  I also took my camera in to get fixed which they did for a resonable price.  One of our computers died on us so we looked around for a new one, but decided to hold off for now.  Also, our external hard-drive broke, so we took it to see if they could retrieve all the information on it, which happens to be all our photos.  Unfortunately, it would have been very expensive, so we decided not to do it.  Fortunately, I had put all our photos on disks and had them sent back to the US for safe keeping. 
At our last supper in Sebana, Toni, s/v Ovation and Emma, Sharon from s/v Just Roamin and Glee from s/v Second Winds, and Irene and Duncan from s/v Moose, my tennis partners.                       
Blue Sky left the docks of Sebana Cove for points north.  We anchored at the mouth of the river for the night in order to get an early start the next day to clear Singapore. Traveling through the Singapore Straits is an adventure onto itself.  We passed huge ships anchored and moving, saw the sky scrapers of the city with the large loading docks.  At one stage we passed an anchored ship, where there was a ship moving behind it.  Simple, we will take it's stern to pass.   The large ship decided to drop anchor right in front of us and just as we got behind it, it backed down on the anchor almost on top of us!  Very unnerving.  After we were clear of the straits a large thunderstorm hit us dead on, fortunately, it cleared just as we approached our anchorage at Pisang Island.
Blue Sky family pictured with Sunburn family, Brendan, Di, Sophie and Finn from New Zealand, at the pool in Sebana Marina.
The trip to the Admiral Marina and Leisure club in Port Dickson took two nights.  We anchored off two different islands in the evening arriving mid-day of the third day.  The marina is very quiet as most boats have left for Langkawi or Thailand.  Which left Blue Sky with a huge mega yacht berth all to herself.
Port Dickson is approximately 90 kilometers from the Historic town of Melaka.  We took a taxi to the main bus terminal in Seremban, then the bus to Melaka, where we stayed at a Back-Packer type hotel in a room without windows.  All we needed was a clean bed and bathroom.  From the hotel we hopped in a Tuk Tuk, which tood us to the Cheng Hoon temple, Chinatowns most famous temple, dating to 1646.  It is dedicated to Guanyin, the Goddess of Mercy, renouned for it's beautiful woodwork.  There we prayed to Mazu, the Goddess of the Sea, pictured below.  (It couldn't hurt)  Chinatown is lined with Peranakan shophouses, antique shops, temples and mosques.  For lunch we found the restaurant with the most locals, Famosa, and it was delicious.  Rice balls to dip in spicy sauce & roast pork!
There are numerous museums in Melaka, the one we wanted to visit was the one about Cheng Ho, Zhenghe, and his travels.  It was very well done, there were fresh water wells inside that were used when his ships where here in 1405.  They had a puppet show for the children to learn of his adventures, thankfully they did not quite understand the part about him becoming a Eunuch.  There is supposed to be a large stone tablet, in Melaka, that Chengo Ho enscripted, however, no one seems to know of it. The buildings along the promenade  are constucted of bricks from the ballast of Dutch ships.  The red buildings are remnants from the Portuguese, built in 1521.
The steeple of Saint Francis Xavier Church. 
Phoebe and Drake's puppy friend, thankfully, she did not follow us. 
To the left is the remains of St. Paul's Church, built in 1521 by the Portuguese Captain, Duarto Coelho, located on the summit of Bukit St. Paul. It was regularly visited by St. Francis Xavier. The Dutch completed their own church and St. Paul's was used to store gunpowder, and has been in ruins for 150 years. To the right is Portia de Santiago, once the main gate and all that remains of the Portugues fortress A'Famosa. 
Phoebe sits in front of the Town Square fountain, with images of Queen Victoria's profile adorning it.  Built by the people of Melaka in memory of the Great Queen in 1904.  After touring town, we headed for the main bus terminal, where there happens to be a large Tesco (Safeway to you and I),  we stocked up on hard to find supplies before heading back to Blue Sky.
The night market on Friday night in Port Dickson, everything including, fresh chicken.  You can find many items for sale from cheap watches and toys, to delicious sate kembar. (AKA BBQ meat on a stick)
Below is a photograph of one of the many passing thunderstorms at the Admiral Marina. Quite a light show!  We have dropped and additional anoed into the water attached to the main rigging via a stout wire.  Hopefully this additional grounding will help and we won't get struck!
Next log will have Christmas and our trip to Kuala Lumpur.  Happy New Year all!