Langkawi, Malaysia, Feb 08
February 2008, Jim's sisters came to town.  Lisa, his eldest sister, flew from Steamboat Springs, Colorado.  The day before she left she was shoveling a 10 foot snow drift just to get to her front door.  Kara, his youngest sister, flew in from Washington DC.  She is an attorney and just won a very important trial!  After traveling over 24 hours and stopping in three different airports, they were happy to put on their swimsuits and relax by the pool.  They chose the lovely Westin Resort, and had a fantastic room.  Jim previously went to the resort and spoke with the General Manager, who gave us permission to anchor in front of the resort.   Phoebe and Drake loved the bath tub, especially because there was a window and they could watch cartoons at the same time, luxury.
Lisa, Phoebe, Kara and Drake
Lisa and Kara brought us many gifts from home, which the children loved to receive.  Kara and Phoebe relax in the pool with Blue Sky in the back ground.  Boats usually do not anchor in this bay because the ferries to and from the mainland pass by.  Their wakes can be very large, rocking the boat.  Thankfully we spent most days ashore at the pool.  The tides during the full & new moon, called spring tides,  can be quite large, up to 10 feet.  You can see that our dinghy is high and dry during low tide.  Thankfully, this was before dinner, so when we returned a few hours later, it was floating again.  We learned to play the tides or we anchored the dingy out farther so as not to leave it dry when we needed it.
Once Kara and Lisa got over their jet lag it was time to take the boat out and go exploring.  There was no wind so we motored over to Tasik Dayang Bunting or the Lake of the Pregnant Maiden.  A fresh water lake surrounded by limestone cliffs and jungle, on the far end there is a V where you can see over to the ocean. As the legend goes "A childless couple, after 19 years of unsuccessful effort, had a baby girl after drinking from this lake."  Since then it is a popular pilgrimage for those hoping for a child.  No Jim and I are not, and Lisa is not, as she has two daughters one 23 and the other just graduating from high school.  Kara on the other hand has been married three years, so it might be the right time for her.  She went for a swim in the refreshing water so now we will just have to wait and see.  Phoebe is walking up the stairs where Drake and Jim were attacked by a monkey as we were leaving.  Nasty little things.
After the Maiden Lake we took them to our favorite beach, Pantai Cenang.  There we had a sunset swim before a delicious dinner at the Oasis.  We also took them over to Telaga, and had swim at the Berjaya Resort.  Sadly their visit was coming to an end, we spent their last few days back at the Westin. Lisa flew out early in the morning, but Kara's flight was in the evening.  We took her to the night market right before she left for the airport.  It was so wonderful to spend time with our family.   
We are looking forward to our next visitors, Emma's  sister, Sarah, her husband Jonathan and their two boys George & Justin next  month.  For now it's off to Thailand to check out the islands between here and Phuket.