August 2006
Our crossing from Huahine to Tahaa was only a few hours and we motor sailed the whole way.  After the anchor was down we grabbed our snorkel gear and hopped in the dinghy.  We went to the motu near the pass we had just entered.  The water was crystal clear.
Above is our favorite fish, the Umu Umu Nuku Nuku.  It is so colorful and always fun to see.  The photo on the right is Phoebe, Drake and Jim snorkeling.
Blue Sky is anchored in Haamene Bay on the Island of Tahaa, the bay is very deep and beautiful.  We walked around the small town and found a small store to reprovision  That night we went to dinner at the Hibiscus Hotel.  Leo, the owner, has some mooring balls in front that anyone can pick up for no charge.  We learned about the Hibiscus foundation which he runs.
To the left is the foundation Hibiscus,with Jim, Phoebe and Drake. Leo buys turtles from the local fisherman, which get trapped in their nets.  He then weighs and tags them and releases them back to the wild.  For a donation we bought a turtle, that we picked up in the morning, Phoebe named it Sunny.  Above right is Drake, Phoebe and Leo picking out sunny, and below is Leo's son with Sunny the Green Turtle.
We put Sunny in our dinghy, then sailed Blue Sky to the Northern part of the island.  To calm sea turtles, you lay them on their back on rub them under the chin, this puts them in a deep sleep.  We found a nice spot, with a beautiful view of Bora Bora to release Sunny back to the wild.  Phoebe and Drake are ready to release her.
After Sunny's release we sailed to the other side of the island and anchored off theTaravana Yacht Club. We had the best meal that we have had in a long time.  Jim had New Zealand Steak and I had Vanilla flavored Mahi Mahi, it was fabulous.  Below is the owner, Maui and his girlfriend Sabrina.   Maui is the new owner and is doing a great job catering to cruisers.  Sabrina is a massage therapist, and I enjoyed a one hour massage!  We gave them a Lats and Atts flag for the yacht club.
After a wonderful time in Tahaa, we left for Bora Bora.  A one day sail, the first half was great, just as we were approaching Bora Bora a squall hit, a before the next one hit us we were able to get through the pass and drop the anchor in front of the Bora Bora Yacht Club.
Phoebe on a Motu in Bora Bora and above Phoebe and Claire with Mt. Otemanu in front of them.  Tourist use the Motu's during the day, but if you go after 3:00pm they are all yours.
Just another day of terrible snorkeling.  We motored the dingys around the south side of Bora Bora and went to a coral garden.  The tour groups bring loads of tourist here and the fish are acustomed to being feed.  We did not bring them any snacks and the fish were actually pissed.  Chris had several bounce right off his mask.  It was actuall alittle un-nerving.  Once they settled down it was ok.  The colors of the coral were fantastic and it was such a bright sunny day we really enjoyed the vivid show. The photograph below right is Tom & Amy from s/v Sandpiper.  Tom & Amy's home port is Oakland, California.  Through them we found a docking slip in Sydney Harbor.  We got really lucky to find one.
Outside the enterance to Bloody Mary's in Bora Bora.  We had to make the obligatory visit.  We managed to be the only people in the restraunt so we sat on the palm trunk stools and had ourselves a fine time.  The children enjoyed the restrooms as they are decorated with a fantastic waterfall sink and a pull handle head.  We saw Captain Woody's Lats & Atts burge that he dropped off a few years ago.
The photograph above is us in Bora Bora Lagoon.  I'm holding the Latitudes & Attitudes Magazine that had Emma and I in it.  Our friends from s/v Sandpiper had the copy and it was neat to see.   The photograph on the left is us leaving Bora Bora lagoon.  We are heading out the pass and departing French Polynesia.  We are on our way to Palmerston Island in the Cook Island group.