The Crew
Jim 1st mate (other titles as well but un-repeatable.)
has and always will be the boss
swab & tender skipper
swab & photographer
Miss Phoebe who loves to read and Master Drake who is always happier climbing.
The Crew
s/v Blue Sky
Friends of s/v Blue Sky
Jim can't figure out where Drake acquired his passion to climb?
Emma, Phoebe & Drake at Descanso Beach near Avalon, Catalina Island.  Blue Sky is anchored in the backround.
Crewman "Peterdog" Rathje and Phoebe looking for dolphins too.  Phoebe did name Peter.  It's a long story but it seams to have stuck.  Peter and I have been crewmen together on long and short voyages.  We are very lucky to have an extra hand with this adventure.  Peter has been along for most of the reconstruction.  He's been there for two of the four haul outs that have had to be performed over the last eighteen months.  He was there two weeks ago for the final haul out when Blue Sky "slipped" on her cradle.  During the last four weeks of construction he or Duane called the shots while I was moving the house hold possessions to Arizona amd relocating the family to Nevada.  Crucial times for Blue Sky and she was in capable hands.  Peter has a good eye for saftey.  When I backburner projects, Peter would take over to see that it was made "right".  This photograph is an example.  The original stainless bow sprit was 1" thin wall tubing.  The replacement is 1.25" heavy walled tubing and he and Tea made it to come aft one full stantion more and "L" bracketed the foremost bow section.  The new bowsprit does not even flex.
Drake on the look-out for dophins