March/April 2006
I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.  That's for not updating the website for so long.  I find that I'm saying sorry more often these days.  Sometimes I tell Emma I'm sorry first thing in the morning so I can just be on the positive side.  It's because I know that I'll do something that day that will require an "I'm sorry".  Now that I've gotten that out of the way, lets begin.  It has been a really insane couple of months.  We travelled the entire gold coast of Mexico from Puerto Vallarta south to Zihutanejo.  We were blessed with unbelievable weather.  We met amazing people and really keep asking ourselves how did we get so lucky.  I'll attempt to fill in the two months with captions on the following pictures.
s/v Blue Sky at anchor in Zihuatanejo.
area.  Each morning there was a radio net.  It is the cruising communities opportunity to find out what is going on or to ask questions.  The children that were there decided that they needed their own net and started theirs immediatly following the normal net.  It was amazing to see the learning curve for the children.  Think straight up.  Each day the
In Z-Town there was a small sailing event called Z-Fest.  More than 100 vessels came together for the races, sail parade, seminars and fun.  It benifits the schools in the Z-town
children would decide what they wanted to do after their school work.  Often it was the suggestion of one child to go to this beach for snokeling or another because it had vollyball.  Sometimes it was into town to hit Hotel Irma for the swimming pool.  The children basically dictated what the parents did in the afternoon.  This is how we met so many other cruisers with children.  The picture above with the children on the aft deck of Blue Sky are Niko & his sister Marina (pink swim suit) from s/v Ohana.  On the surfboards is Kappy, Seneca & Sally from s/v Rocket.  Down below is Zach & Jake from s/v Capaz.  The picture above right is Betsy from s/v Ocean Eyes, Terri from m/v Willawa, Terra from s/v Royal Treat, Pam from Ohana and Emma.  This night was a book/movie exchange that the children had arranged.  It turned into a huge pot luck dinner for the adults on m/v Willawa.
Here is another shot of the kids on the top deck of m/v Willawa.

My high school buddy, Adam Weiss from New Jersey had a little time off.  He decided to catch a flight out of JFK to meet us in Z-Town.  It just so happened that the next day the north east US was pounded with a huge snow storm.  As you can see, Adam was very dissapointed that he missed the snow and had to "kick it" in 85+ degree weather.
Juli from s/v Capaz, Emma & Terra + Jake & Zach Having a little swim at Hotel Irma, Z-Town.
Adam hanging in Los Gatos Beach Zihuatanejo.
Dave Hunt left us in Z-town to return to Redondo Beach.  Just before he left we stopped in at Coleta de Campos.  (Day sail north of Z-town)  In Colleta we met Jose Pintor.  He spends 1/2 his time in Mexico and the other 1/2 Albuquerque.  Jose is one of a kind.  He opened his home and heart to us and we are forever changed.  In Z-town we were able to get together again.  Jose is amazing.  Everywhere we went with him , someone was happily shouting a greeting.
One day we caught the bus from Z-Town over to Ixtapa.  We met up with s/v Ohana because they had moved into the marina so they could do a land trip.
In the pool.  That's me on the bottom, then Marina & on top is Phoebe.  I was really sore the next day.  But it was a day of low expectation that just has to be one of the greatest days of the trip.  You just never know!
s/v Blue Sky anchored in Coleta de Campos.
Later in the afternoon it just so happened that there was a turle realeasing party.  Everyone was able to name a turtle and release them into the Pacific.  Pretty cool home schooling day.  On the left is Phoebe with her turtle and above is the release.
Phoebe has learned to handle the dink in calm conditions.  We are working on beach landings but that is alittle more tricky.
s/v Blue Sky at Las Hadas Resort in Manzanillo.  Here is where cousin Martin joined the boat.
After picking up Martin in Manzanillo we made our way up the coast.  We stopped into Tenecatita so he could see the jungle cruise.  We decided to head over to the other side of the bay to a small hotel called Tamarindo.  My new favorite place.  Kids on the beach and parents having fun!  On the far right is Chris & Kelly from s/v Sensei, Martin then Kary & Carl from s/v Rocket.
Emma, Martin & I cooling off in the resort pool.  The next day for home schooling we walked around the resort.  Each plant had a sign stating its common name, species and where it came from.  I later blew the cruising budget by playing a round of golf.  Wow!  I really had a good time and the caddy played too so it was even better than I had imagined.
s/v Blue Sky anchored off Tamarindo
Peter Dog, Emma, Jim, Drake and Phoebe under the Port Royal Yacht Club Bugee at The Vallarta Yacht Club in Paradise Village, Nuevo Vallarta.  We are wearing our 2006 Puddle Jump T-Shirts.  The names of the participating boarts, of this years Puddle Jump class are listed on the back, with a quote "Anybody can wear this T-Shirt, only few go."  Anonymous cruiser.  We hope to arrive the Marquesas by the end of the month.