Flores, Indonesia
The next rally stop was at Maumere, located North and Central on the island of Flores.  Most boats went to an anchorage called Seaworld.  We found an anchorage just before it called Wodong, which was less crowded and had better anchor holding.   On shore was a Dive Resort called Ankermi/Happy Dive.   Kermi who is Indonesian and his wife, Claudia, who is from Switzerland are the proprietors.  We gave them a Lattitudes and Attitudes flag to fly in their new restaurant.  Below left is their old resort and on the right is the new one, that they were just moving into.  The food was fabulous and very inexpensive.  Claudia is a Dive Master and in the bay is a Japanese Ship that sunk during WWII.  Phoebe and Sophie from s/v Sunburn are relaxing after a full day of swimming.  Phoebe found a lava seat in front of the new resort.  Cashew nuts grow in abundance in the area, below left is a picture of the tree and seed. 
Rice paddies grow near the Ankermi lodge.  Phoebe, Finn from s/v Sunburn  and Drake climb on the lava rocks.   In 1992 this area was devastated by an earthquake and a 20 meter high tidal wave killed thousands.  The tsunami destroyed the coral on the surrounding islands as well.  Babi Island is a world renouned dive sight, with clear water and execellant coral.
The town of Maumere was an hour Bemo ride away.  One day Jim hired a Bemo with a couple other boats and they took all our Jerry jugs to re-fill with Diesel, as well as find 20 litre jugs of water to fill our tanks. We needed approximately 10 of these.  It is quite a chore to carry them from the Bemo to the dinghy and get them back on the boat.  The pump on our watermaker is broken, and we won't be able to fix it until Singapore.
I ventured to town one day with Georgie from s/v Good Hope to re-provision the boat.  To the left is the vegetable market, the fruits and vegetables throughout Indonesia have been great.  We eat more here than we ever have.  Hardly any where has refrigeration, so it is hard to find any frozen meat or cheese.
To the left is the fresh fish market and the right are the pigs wandering in the streets.  It is too bad we couldn't find any fresh pork.  It took Georgie and I two hours to get back to the anchorage, as the Bemos pick up everyone and take them to their remote villages.  Maumere was one of the smelliest and dirtiest cities we have been too.  The sewers run directly under the sidewalks, with stagnent water in them and trash. 
Blue Sky is anchored in Wodong, from there we motored to Monkey Beach near Riung then stopped at Lingeh.  Lingeh was a quick stop and was one where we had no rest.  All the villagers came out in their boats and would ask for t-shirts, money etc.  I don't mind giving items out, but it is also nice to get something in return, ie; Bananas, pineapple, papayas etc. Thise people just wanted to get and not give.  They would hang off the side of the boat and try to get on and then not leave for hours.  There is no word for privacy in Indonesian.  Needless to say we left early in the morning.
The children are enjoying a swim while looking at the boats anchoraged in Wodong.

Labuhan Bajo was Blue Skies next destination, the gateway to the Komodo Islands.  We took the kids to town in Bajo and found a store that sold ice cream, it has been a long time since the kids have enjoyed one.  from the left is Jack and Matt from s/v Good Hope, Finn, Drake, Phoebe, Sophie and Emma from s/v Sea Fires Gem.  Below are pictures of the fishing fleet, town and the vegetable market.  Bajo was a great stop, as it was the first place we actually saw tourists.  It is a nice little fishing village, had a decent grocery store and great restaurants.
The sun is setting over Blue Sky, anchored in front of the Eco Lodge near Labuhan Bajo. We choose to anchor here instead of in town, because the lodge has a swimming pool!  It was so nice to swim in fresh water again, we could not get the kids out of it.  On top of that there were eight kids to entertain each other.  The anchorage was great, as local boats would approach you and for a small fee they would get your diesel and water and deliver it to the boat.  This was much easier than hauling it ourselves.  One day the local boat took us to town, instead of getting a taxi.  Phoebe is pictured with Natasha and Jaimie both from s/v Blue Moon, who are from Australia.  Jim is with Warren and Stephanie from s/v Mico Verde.  This area is known for their pearls and they are displaying their goods for us to buy.  Of course we couldn't resist, the pearls were unique and very inexpensive. 
In Bajo we ate at The Lounge, it was the first place we had a delicious pizza, with real cheese, and a salad with Feta cheese. (Can you tell we love cheese.) To the right is a picture of the restaurant.  Below is the harbor in Bajo and a picture of the kids after a long hot day in town,  ready to go jump in the swimming pool.  The map is a combination of Komodo and Rinca islands, home of the Komodo Dragon and some of the best snorkeling and diving in the world.