Haul out Rebak Marina Resort 2008
This haul out of Blue Sky number seven was not the best.  It was actually one of the most trying experiences.  Emma and the children were away visiting family in the US and UK.  So that ment I was on my own!  Thanks to fellow crusiers, together we moved Blue Sky from her dock to the ways.  We had her hauled and power washed before noon!  Thanks go to Georgie from s/v Good Hope, Di from s/v Sunburn, Uli & Adrienne from s/v Indigo.  Not only did they help me move Blue Sky but they also helped with many of the projects.  

Blue Sky received a new cutlass bearing and we adjusted the stern tube so the engine is perfectly alligned!  I had a new boot and top stripe painted and I rolled on (too many to count) coats of anti-foul.

In all it was 36 days of hell.  It rained, (Forest Gump rain), it flooded, (not biblical, but if you left anything on the ground it was gone.) Paint failed and had to be completely sanded off.   A female yacht broker fell from the deck of a sail boat onto the cement (head first!)  We had to use Phoebe's "tube & rail" bed as a stretcher to get her to the ferry and then to the hospital. I'm not a "first responder" type of person but here I was 2nd on the scene after the new owner of the yacht. You get the picture.  It was not pretty!  As soon as I realized the extent of the damage, I yelled to a neighbor boat that just happend to have a nurse that managed a trama hospital in Austrailia.  Thankfully she took over and we took orders from her.  Fortunately, Emma & the children were not here!
Blue Sky being hoisted back in the water.  It was a war to get it all done before Emma and the children returned.  As it finished up, I had one day to go shopping to provision the boat.  The next day I met Emma and the children at the Langkawi airport and brought them back home to Blue Sky.
Somehow in those 36 days there was enough "good" time to get all the projects finished.  The photograph on the left is the new look of Blue Sky.  I changed the color of the anti-foul from Blue to Black.  I used International Paint for the first time.  I had alway used Pettit anti-foul but the price was prohibitive here and International is made under license in Thailand.  I was able to take the ferry over to Satun, Thailand from Langkawi and pick up (7) five liter cans of International Interswift 655.  It's the "trade" version of Micro 66.  Because it's the trade version it also carries the trade price!  I was able to pick up the paint for 4,250 Bht/ 5 liter can.  That's a good deal! One third of the cost I would have paid in Langkawi.

The ladder to get up into Blue Sky is on the port side.  I counted going up/down the ladder 53 times in one day.  Needless to say, by the time Blue Sky was ready to go back into the water, I was alittle worn out