People who have helped with s/v Blue Sky 586325
s/v Blue Sky has been a very large "project".

The "project" included:

Rebuilding entire primary systems:
New Engine, Complete AC/DC Electrical demolishion and re-wire, Instrumentation, Communication, Navigation, Through holes & Plumbing of fresh water, salt water and my favorite waste.

If the FM installed it.  We removed it, replaced it and had it made "right"..

We also had a great deal of assistance with transportation to and from harbors in the US & Mexico.  Our friends helped us with moving tools, equipment, crew & family. 

There is no way that we could adequatley thank all those who have been so instumental.

Here are some of the people that have lended a hand, volunteered their expertise and work their tails off to make the s/v Blue Sky into a reality.
Jim Bent, Ships Carpenter!
Martin B-Q.  The first of many B-Q's to populate this site.
Jack, Pheobe's Godfather & Pat.
Greg, Sally Makena & Kelly Frias
Dave Hunt with Jane'O behind him.  Dave always did his best to keep me sane during some challenging times.
Deb & Ed Lysek who were Tri-iso, Inc. I consider myself very lucky to have had the good fortune to know and work with them.
Stacy from Tucson.  She is the reason we have met the great people of Lats & Atts.
Ramon pictured above is a 1st class professional.  His epoxy and LP work is the finest.  Ramon even worked on his Birthday November 26th.  Said he would take off early.  I guess because it was getting dark that means "early"!
Eduardo on the left came by to give Ramon a hand.  He's been with us for 3 weeks.
Gingerdog.  Best crew, trained to hunt & does not miss a thing.  Watch your toes.
Tea on the left is an amazing stainless steel craftsman.  He exceeded every expectation I could have ever had.  His work is perfect and he does exatly what he says.  A rare trait in any business.
Above is Jeff from West Marine in San Pedro.  Together we sourced a great deal of specialty items and had them shipped in.  Duane is aloft on the main mast re-wire and Jesus is working a Saturday with his daughter.  Jesus was very patient with me when it came time to re-plumb the diesel tanks.  Blue Sky has two 150 gallon tanks, main Perkins engine and a Kohler generator.  Each engine has a vacume hose from the tank and a return hose back to the tank from the engine. I added a dual racor filter system for the Perkins and a single for the Kohler.  All the hoses lead to tank selector switches so that we can keep the tanks at about the same level.  Did I mention that the vacume hoses are one diameter and the return are another.  There is no way I could have kept all the various bronze connectors straight without Jesus.  Captain Ron is responsible for the m/v Grand Slam.  Without his kind word and the help of the owner Robert,  Blue Sky would never have seen the inside of King Harbor in Redondo Beach.  Stan has always said that he would be willing to lend a hand.  He was a constant help the last two weeks.  The speed and insanity of the last two weeks could not have been sucessfull without Stan's presence. 
Juan from Rainbow Canvas is one of those special people that go above and beyond the norm.  He and Tea were both present on departure day with last minitue additons.  His canvas work is remarkable.
Mr. K in Redondo Beach on departure day.  Phoebe and Emma will have more to say about Mr. K.
Amy from s/v Sandpiper.  She and Tom are in the Med crusing through the Greek Islands.  We travelled with Sandpiper nearly 1/2 way around the world.  We wish we could have joined them at the Blue Sky Taverna, but we know we will get together again soon.
Jeff worked all aspects of Blue Sky.  He was always ready to help with the tough jobs.  Rigging is what Jeff enjoyed most and I think he like the Garhauer blocks.  I'm pretty sure they all made it on Blue Sky.