January, 2007, NZ continued
This is a Phoebe page.  We are in Glenorchy, a village at the top of Lake Wakatipu.  We found Queenstown to be a very crowded South Lake Tahoe type city.  So we ventured up the lake and found the beautiful and charming village of Glenorchy.  Phoebe is in front of the Fur Products store, where they sell products made from Possum.  They have to keep the population down, there are so many as we saw about 20 road kill heading up.  To the right is the lagoon, and some stunning views, just what you would imagine in New Zealand. 
There were some friendly horses near our campground, that we feed everyday.  You can see our camping set up, the tent off the car, where Jim and I slept, and our tent for the kids.  The weather was finally beautiful.  We stopped in Queenstown to take the gondola up the mountain and the Luge down, the kids had a ball.  Then we watched the Super Bowl, (don't ask me who was playing.)  After Glenorchy we drove to Wanaka, through the small mining town of Cardrona, this is the only original building standing, and was a nice hotel/pub.
Lake Wanaka is a small version of Queesntown.  We met up with our cruising buddies s/v Sensei and s/v Capaz,  Phoebe is on the pool slide with Claire at the Top Ten Holiday Park. 
One day we took the kids to Puzzling World.  The maze was two stories and took them an hour to get through.  Kelly and I gave up after 10 minutes and relaxed, doing puzzles, waiting for them.  there were many different rooms, with moving faces and sloped walls.  The bathroom was interesting.  It was very fun.
Jim, Chris, Tod and Juli went for a Mountain bike ride that day.  Couldn't tell you the last time he did that.  Sore bum and legs the next day.
Friends whom we met in Tonga, live at Wanaka.  they rent boats on the lake during the summer to tourists.  Mark let Phoebe and Claire use the Kayaks, while Drake and Zach did what boys do best, water gun fights. 
Mark is pictured left with Tod from Capaz and Chris from Sensei.  Right is Abby, Claire, Phoebe, Hugo, Jake, Drake and Zach.  Mark and family were on a boat called Kia Orana in Tonga.
It was a nice reunion, to be with our cruiser friends again.  Left is Chris, Mark, Juli, Kelly and I.  We went to Mark and Mary's house for a BBQ on day, he told us all the great spots to visit in NZ, as they have lived here a long time.  He built his house to the right, which is powered by solar panels and wind generators.  It is an octagon shape and he has won awards for using alternative energy.
Mark told us of a great hike, as we drove to the trail head we passed Phoebe Creek.  The hike was in Mt Aspiring National Park, we drove to Raspberry Flat and did the Rob Roy trail.  It took us about 5 hours return, and was quite difficult.  The kids did great, as they had each other and plenty of sugary treats to keep them going.  At our lunch break a friendly Kea Bird wanted our crumbs, they look like very large parrots, and have green and red wings.  We followed a river the whole way, and crossed yet another swing bridge.
The reward was an amazing view of the Rob Roy Glacier.  We had a snack then it started to rain to rain on us, thankfully only a little.  The head to the left was half way up, I would prefer to use the bushes than this!
A Kea looks over Jim's shoulder hoping for a scrap of food.  The tired kids after a long hike.  They did great, with minimal complaining.
The next day was a wet and rainy one, so we took the kids to the indoor rock climbing wall.  They all did great, trying all the different walls and reaching the top.
We said goodbye to Capaz and ventured onward to Lake Takapo with Sensei.  Phoebe and Claire are by the turqoise lake.
A reflection of Jim and Chris and the kids with the lake behind them.  To the right is the famous Church o the Good Shepard, a stone church built in the 1800's and on the banks of the lake. Walking back to the campground we were greated by the sounds of a bagpipe, as a gentlemen played during the sunset.
The bagpipe brought back memories of our wedding.  A rare family photo, with all four us in it.  Below Phoebe is with her best friend during our Pacific crossing, Claire from Sensei.  Phoebe is in a stone chair along the shores.  The Sensei gang, Chris, Claire and Kelly.  Their boat is in New Zealand , where they are working to sell her and move back to San Francisco.  We will dearly miss them.
We took a day trip up to Mt. Cook National Park.  It was cloudy in the morning but beautiful by noon.  Once again NZ showed us some awe inspiring views.  Top left is the Mueller Glacier, and the river running from it into the lake.  The Mountain range consists of five glaciers.
Drake puts his hand on top of Mt. Cook, or Mt. Aoraki, another family photo with Cook behind us.  We did a lovely 4 hour hike to the base of the Hooker Glacier and the lake it flows into, with ice bergs floating on top.  The photo on the top right is of a waterfall that comes from and goes to nowhere.
Drake skims stones in the Glacial lake.  Above the face in Mt. Cook, and a view of it from the Glacial lake and Lake Pukaki.  When we first approached Lake Pukaki, it was cloudy, and the clouds were turqoise.  We could not figure out why until we reached the lake, as it was the reflection off the turquoise water. 

After our hike we had a drink at the famous Hermitage Hotel.  This was our last day with Sensei, as they were heading South and we were off to the North Island.