Port Dickson and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
December, 2007:  Merry Christmas Malaysian style.  The Admiral Marina & Leisure club served a fabulous buffet dinner on Christmas Eve.  Santa Claus came with his helpers and gifts were given out to all the children.  It was a wonderful evening and very child friendly.  They hosted games for the guests to participate in.  One was to wrap a family member in toilet paper to resemble a mummy.  We did not win the gift basket, but did a good job on Drake.  Phoebe and Drake pose with their friends under the balloons, Sophie, Jack, Matt and Finn.  The Good Hope family cleans up well and are pictured to the right;  Brad, Georgie, Jack and Matt.  The girls on the bottom right allowed me to take their picture, they were dressed up in their Hijab's, and were the best Limbo dancers in the crowd.  
.The two photographs above show our current home at The Admiral Marina & Leisure Club.  Once boat school and boat projects are complete, we usually head up to the pool in the afternoons for a swim.  The children have been very good at completing their daily school work with less supervision.  This enabled Emma and I to completely wash all the swamp/jungle goo off Blue Sky and give her a much overdo coat of wax.  It took us about one week to do the hull and topsides.  This is a huge job made all the more challenging when Blue Sky is in the water.  Fortunately we had a berth all to ourselves.

Once the work was complete (It's never really!)  We gathered the clan and took the bus and train to Kuala Lumpur.

Our first stop was to visit FRIM
Phoebe & Drake taking a well deserved rest on our hike up to the canopy walk.  The majority of the hike up was in the shade of the jungle forest.  We still drank huge quantities of water and took it slow.
FRIM (Forest Research Institue Malaysia)  The leading institure in tropical forestry research.  It was founded in 1929 by British Colonial Forest Scientist.  It is approximatly 600 ha in Kepang.  Kepang is about 16 km from the center of Kuala Lumpur.  The canopy walkway is 30 meters above the forest floor.
KL in the distance.  Emma took this photo from one of the three platforms that are linked by the bridges.
Both Emma & I were amazed that the children climbed up and hiked across without a 2nd thought.  Emma on the other hand did look alittle flush when she finally decended.
Front row seats on the KL light rail (subway)  Here we are traveling from Chinatown to KLCC to see the famous Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur City Center. We also rode on the KL Monorail and the Commuter Train. 

Phoebe and Drake pose in front of them, it was a sight to see at night. 
The Port Dickson light house, Tajung Tuan, was originally built by the Portugues in the 16th century.  Located in the Cape Rachado Forest Reserve, we hiked through the jungle up to the current lighthouse, which was built in 1860.  From there we walked down the cliff to the isolated beach, where we watched the ships passing through the Malacca Straits. Phoebe and Drake dug homes for the hermit crabs they caught.
Just over the horizon, about 38 km is the island of Sumatra,Indonesia.  Biologist say this is the land bridge that conncects mainland asia to Indonesia.  Thus this is a fantastic place to see migrating birds.  The count is up to 68 different species.
Our friends Steve and Rene off s/v Shiraz came back to their boat, after spending two months in the USA.  Rene and I went to the local vege market to provision.  Next door is Siti Frozen foods, the owner sells Argentinean Sirloin, they were the best steaks we have had since Australia.  Needless to say we bought a few for the freezer.  In Port Dickson we went to the Dentist, as it has been two years.  The children came out with a clean bill of health.  The Dentist didn't even have to clean their teeth or do x-rays, a nice change from being "offered" everything back home.  Jim and I also had our teeth cleaned, the bonus, the children were free of charge.
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The Seaview Restaurant in town was wonderful, with tanks full of exotic fair.

This sign was by the front door, the first person to
email us what it means wins a t-shirt.