Sumbawa-Lombok, Indonesia
September, 2007: Drake and Phoebe swim at Pulau Medang, where we anchored after our over nighter from Komodo.
Brad from s/v Gwendoyln took the children ashore for a scratch and dig.  The water was clear and the reef extended out from the beach, which made it difficult to go ashore at low tide.  We were only going to stay a couple of days and do another overnighter to Lombok.  Some boats left one afternoon and called us on the VHF three hours later to say they were turning around, that they had 20-30 knots of wind on the nose and large confused seas crossing the pass between Sumbawa and Lombok.  It was dark and there was no moon.  We all decided to wait it out a couple days and do day trips to Lombok, as those conditions are more bearable during the day than at night.  Tatyana, Phoebe and Sophie watch the sunset over s/v Sunburn on the bow of Blue Sky.
From Komodo we did an overnighter, over the top of Sumbawa.  We passed between the main land and Pulau Sangeang with the 1950 meter volcano Gunung Api. 
On the side of Pulua Medang where we were anchored there was no village, however, on the opposite side there was.  One day we were invited over.  It was lovely, all the houses were colorfully painted on stilts, with a living area under the house in the shade.  This was the first village we visited where people did not pinch the childrens cheeks or follow us, they were very friendly.
There was only one car in the village and the driver offered to give us all a ride.  There were holes in the floor board and under the seat in front.  After a kilometer the car would not start, time to walk.  It was  very hot at mid-day.  The children were relieved when the ice cream man pulled up.  Home made ice cream from sweetened condensed milk, it was served on sweet bread with chocolate condensed milk on top.  Very cool and refreshing, although extremely sweet.  To the left is one of many small stores in town.  Below the women are mixing coconut for cooking.  The women all had a yellow mud substance on their faces.  It was made with tumeric and was used as a sunscreen and skin whitener.   They applied some to Gwen, from s/v Gwendolyn's face.
Whenever we visit a village we like to show our children the local schools, and have them donate supplies.  Tatyana from s/v Gwendolyn, Phoebe and Sophie from s/v Sunburn stand with the teachers from the school, next to their supply shelve.  As you can see their supplies are very limited and they are always so appreciative of what we bring.  The local children are very curious to see what we are doing and giving.
Children go to school Monday through Saturday in Indonesia from 8:00 am until 1:00pm.  The classrooms are very basic, with a desk and chair for each child and sometimes concrete floors.  Their schedules are posted on the door and there is a black board.  They are lucky if they have a working clock, let alone visual aids.  On the street the local Doctor came up to introduce herself to us. I am pictured with her on the bottom left  The family she is living with invited us into their home and gave us frozen juice, which was a delicious cold treat after our long walk.  This was the first time we were actually given something and not asked for anything.  A  little boy even gave us some beautiful shells.  The house was very neat had two rooms, one large for the living room and bedroom and the kitchen and dining area, along with a TV and stereo. Some homes even had satellite dishes supported by bamboo in front.
In Indonesia it is customary to leave your shoes outside, they have water for you to rinse your feet before you go inside.  We also stopped at our guides home for some tea and biscuits.  They had three rooms with doors (bedrooms) and we sat in the fourth room on the white tiled floor, as there was no furniture.
Our weather window opened up so we left Pulau Medang early one morning and headed across the straits between Sumbawa and Lombok.  We had strong winds and currents and large seas coming across the straits, once we were in the lee of the island all was well.  We anchored at Gili Lawang, and did some s-turns to get into a nice spot between some reefs, you can see them drying in the middle photo.  Thankfully we arrived at good light so we could see the reefs clearly.  S/V Gwendolyn and S/V Sunburn are pictured above.
The next day we had no wind in the morning then had 30 knots on the nose with a strong current against us, we were only going 3.5 knots.  Our friends on s/v Good Hope found a beautiful bay to anchor in off the West side of Lombok, called Sira.  Once we dropped anchor we followed them up to the Medana Resort.  A luxurious resort, tucked in the hills overlooking the anchorage.  The pool was wonderful as well as the food and cold  beer.  Resty and her husband Steve own and live at the resort.  Steve works in Egypt most of the year and comes to Lombok to relax.  They are wonderful hosts! 
Brendan and Di from s/v Sunburn relax after our passage at the Medana Resort for dinner.  It is always nice to go out to eat after cooking on the boat for a couple weeks.  To the right is the anchorage, there were only five boats here, which was nice.  Most of the fleet from the rally went to an anchorage just south of us, as this one was not mentioned in the cruising guide, it was our little secret.  Along with the Medana Resort was the five star luxury resort called the Oberoi.   Jim and I went for drinks one night to check it out.  Definitely not a child friendly resort.  We did manage to bring Phoebe and Drake one day for a swim in their infiniti pool, they were on their best behavior.  Gwen and Brad from s/v Gwendolyn joined us another day for a swim.  It was lovely to treat ourselves a couple times, but the atomsphere and prices were better at the Medana Resort. 

Blue Sky is the view for the guests at the Oberoi.  The children play in the water at sunset, while we get the fire ready for a bbq.  The people who lived on the beach were very friendly and helpful, they had never helped yachties before, and would do our laundry and helped us get fuel and water for a very resonable price.

We watched the sunset over the Bali volcano every night.
Above:  The anchorage BEFORE!!!
When we were doing research on sailing around the world, we read that one family stopped in Sengigi and visited the Sheraton, with their large pool.  We took a cab here one day and they were going to charge us per person to use the pool, as there were eleven of us, it worked out cheaper to get a room.  The children enjoyed swimming and watching cartoons, and the adults enjoyed a hot shower.  As is normal in Lombok, even at these resorts (except the Oberoi), the food and beer were very resonably priced. 
Georgie, Matt and Brad from s/v Good Hope enjoy the pool bar, as well as Phoebe, Sophie and Jack.  Phoebe, Finn and Drake loved the cotton sheets and cartoons.  The Tiki Slide was cool too.
An hour cab ride to the capital of Mataram was only $10.00.  There was a large mall with a good size super market.  We found cheese, pringles potato chips, M&M's and more goodies.  There are also pirate DVD's for $1.50, Hollywood must not be too happy.  The road to town went over a mountain pass where monkeys hang out on the side of the road waiting for passing vehicles to toss them scraps.  There was an obvious heirarchy as the alpha males & females were in total control.
The Gili Islands were in view of our anchorage, they consist of three islands with fringing reef and white sand beaches. There are no cars or police so anything goes.  The weather was not good for us to take the boat there over night, so one day we all hopped on Good Hope and went over for the day, picking up a mooring ball.  The children played in the water and sand all day, while we relaxed at a restaurant and watched.  A woman selling fruits, carved the skin off a pineapple for us.  Jack and Matt loved the Pineapple treat.   Drake and Finn enjoyed using the surfboards.  These islands are very popular with the backpacking crowd, however, being off season it was not crowded and prices were very reasonable.
As there are no cars you can either walk around the island or hire a horse and buggy.  Jack, Sophie and Phoebe opted for the later, while Drake, Finn and Matt decided to run behind it.  When we got back to our anchorage the secret was out, there were now around 20 boats.  Unfortunately with this everyone on shore wanted a piece of the action.  Prices and competition went up on fuel and water.  The old supply and demand rule.  By this time we had completed our site seeing and provisioning so we were just looking for the right weather to head on.  By the next day we were off again looking for that next quite anchorage. 
Above:  The anchorage AFTER!