Sydney, March 2007
Jim and Drake went to the barber to clean up before heading back to Australia.  Jim should have kept the Mohak.
Blue Sky being hauled out once again.  We had the bottom and boot stripe re-painted as well as a new silicone coating applied to the prop.  I was able to do a few other little projects as well while she was out of the water
The photo on the left is of Mike preparing to lift Blue Sky out of the water.  Mike runs the boat yard at the Woolwich Marina.  He has a top quality crew of shipwrights, apprentice shipwrights and painters.  This is the third country that we have been in to haul and repair Blue Sky. The professionalism
and craftsmanship of Australia is unmatched.
We also had a great opportunity to really inspect the standing rigging.  The photo on the right shows how close we came to loosing some of it. Once we discovered this, it was time to replace it all.  I no longer trusted any of the standing rigging.
Blue Sky has 22 individual stainless steel wires that make up the standing rigging.  The standing rigging holds the main and mizzen masts upright.  We replaced 18 of them.  I had previously replaced the main and mizzen backstays in Los Angeles so  they were OK.  Meanwhile Phoebe and Drake entertaind themselves with art classes while Emma and I went about discovering more problems.  The photo on the left is the windlass.  We are working on that problem right now.  Notice the corrosion!  Bummer!
We had a nice day sail from Woolwich to Manley Beach.  We were joined by Emma's cousins.  The photo on the left is Phoebe with Gemma and Nicholas.  On the right is P & D swimming within the shark enclosure.  Gemma and Phoebe using the sea kayak and Nicholas and I kicking it on the surf boards.  Sue and Jon (Brenda's sister and Brother in Law) are pictured on the right.  They drove over to Manley and we picked them up in the dingy for lunch on Blue Sky.  The photo on the left is the Byrne-Quinn family photo.  Paul, Brenda, Nicholas and Gemma.  Thankfully the windlass worked and it was a beautiful day.
Nicholas and Drake are on the ferry as we ride to Milson's point for the 75th Birthday of the Harbor Bridge.  They closed the bridge to all traffic so people could walk across it.  We all received free lime green hats.  On the right one of the workers took our picture, we are the ones with the green hats.   Afterwards we found a pub for refreshments then walked around enjoying the events.  Paul and Brenda reinact a photo shot from their wedding day. Jim was invited on a day sail with some guys from the yard.  He also had a great day.  The top right shot is the start of the tug boat race.
Luis and Yvonne came over to the boat to catch up after the bridge walk and brought us dinner. 

We finally met Peter and Gill's good friends Frank and Eve, whom we have heard about for a long time.  Gill cooked a fabulous curry, secret family recipes, delicious..  She used her special curry plates, and was a nice presentation. Now we know where Chef Paul learned how to cook.  Gill is Emma's godmother and we are pictured with Phoebe.  The group photo with Frank, Jim, Peter, Emma, Gill, Eve and Drake and Phoebe. 

Peter finally made it on board Blue Sky.   He has wanted to ever since we arrived, but the tide would never cooperate.  (It is very hard to get on at high tide.)
After all the work we did in the yard we were treated to two wonderful days by Joe Walsh and his friend Alyce.  Joe did all our rigging and it was a first class job.  We went to Featherdale Wildlife Park, which only has native Australian animals.  It was the first time Jim had seen a Kangaroo and Koala. 
Joe drove us down the coast to Wollagon where he is pictured with Jim by the light house.  Alyce is with the kids, she was fabulous and the kids loved her.  It was a typical Blue Sky day, strong winds and intermitant rain.  The kids pose on a canon in front of the light house.

Then we drove through the Kangaroo Valley and over the Hampden Bridge.
The kids are next to Hampden bridge.  Fitzroy falls was on the way, we usually look up to water falls, but at these we looked down, it was an impressive drop.  Joe stopped by the boat to tune up the kids guitar, he has four of his own. At his  house he has a beautiful painting by a local artist of Woolwich yard.  Much of it remains the same.
Phoebe is pictured with Lily, Mike's daughter.  When he has to work on weekends, she comes over to the boat to play. 
Katie works in the office every Thursday, when she is not working she is getting a doctorate in Marine Biology.  Jonathan above, is Regattasailing.  He operates a boat brokerage selling power, sail and small dingy boats.  One day he bribed the children into to helping wash dinghies.  To the right is Greg & Liz Newton who own Woolwich Marina.  Below right are Kaite & Sam Newton their middle daughter and son.
Above: Jonathan, Drake & Bob.  Below is Kate, Emma, Katie & Bob at the local "hotel".  Kate works for the local radio station, 104.1, and arranged an interview for us one day to talk about our trip.
Greg & Liz Newton
Katie with her brother Sam Newton, who is an accomplished sailor.
Gemma's 8th Birthday party up at Castle Hill.  Miss Phoebe joined in the act as many of the children participate in dance and singing.  The entertainment was wonderful.  Of course Paul and Brenda outdid themselves with a fantastic feast for all.  Jim almost won the freeze dance contest.
Stu pictured below right invited us over to his home.  We met his wife, Naty and their two children, Tamar and Maya. Whom Jim went sailing with and works in the yard..
To the left is Robertson Point lighthouse.  We wandered along the shore of Cremorne and let the children explore and get to know each other.  It also gave us the opportunity to get to see another part of Sydney. 
Maya, Stu, Naty and Tamar overlooking Mosman Bay.  We took the ferry from Woolwich to Circular Key.  We then boarded another ferry to Cremorne Wharf were we were met by Stu and his family.    We then had a great walk along Mosman's bay up to their house.  We relaxed  there and were treated to Thai "take away".   

The photos to the right and left are from our visit to the Sydney Aquarium. After embarrassing myself on the Kyle and Jackie O show on 104.1, talking about our trip and how Drake could fight off the pirates with his swords.  The station mailed us tickets to the Aquarium and Luna Park.  At the Aquarium there was a huge tank with glass walkways below the surface.  We were able to see many of the fish we had snorkled with througout the South Pacific, plus sharks.  Hopefully we don't get this close to them.

We celebrated Peter's birthday at Paul's house and had another fabulous dinner. He graciously let the children open his presents, all with a "golf" theme.
One more treat for the Blue Sky family was an afternoon at Luna Park.  The park is based on classic amusement rides.  Phoebe and Drake were treated to a completely restored fun house that dates from the 1930's.  I enjoyed looking at the vintage arcade games.  Not since San Francisco had I seen such a fantastic collection.
The photo on the right is the wood slides inside the fun house.  Not only did Phoebe and Drake have a go, but Emma and I were allowed to slide down too.  We really enjoyed our day and were very thankful that we were able to visit this classic park.
In the fun house they had a spinning saucer.  The object was to be the last person on without being flung off by cyntrifical force.
To the right is the ride that Phoebe and Drake forced us on about 10 times.  42 year old bodies should not be forced to endure the "G's" that these rides put out.  We had whiplash the next day from this and the bumper cars.
Drake, Emma & Phoebe pictured on the ferris wheel.  The bumper cars were without a doubt the electric ride of choice.  We rode them over and over again.  Miss Phoebe was able to bump her mom and dad at will.
Luna Park at sunset and then the night view from Luna across the bay to downtown Sydney.  We kept missing the ferry home so we litteraly closed down the park.  Phoebe and Drake kept telling us that we are the greatest.  I think they really had a good day.