s/v Blue Sky 586325
The current haul out score is seven and we are only about 1/2 way around the world.  The first one was simply the "out-of-the-water survey.  The second and third were really to remove the old Perkins and replace it with the new one in the pictures to the left.

The fourth was in our homeport just prior to our departure of Redondo Beach. 

The fifth haul was because it was convienent in
Puerto Vallarta to get a high pressure wash and a couple of new coats of anti-foul.  But any time you're out of the water there are a million other little jobs to do.  I did this because I knew we had a  long way to go before arriving to Austrailia. Our sixith planned haul out.
Here is the new Perkins engine about to be lifted by a crane into the boat..
Bottom job & new Perkins at Baja Naval.
Redondo Beach
N 33.51.034
W 118.23.877

The Crew


s/v Blue Sky


Friends of s/v Blue Sky
Never thought I'd rent a crane. (twice) Coming through the  companion way.
You can see the new zinc bonding plate and the refinished max prop.  We also removed the existing RED anti-fouling paint and replaced it with a  Pettit Trinidad Blue anti-foul.
Finally in the boat.  Little did I know, this was the easy part.  It took me and others several months to customize the Perkins M92 to it's final position.
Homeport Redondo Beach
         Galley starboard
Aft berth                                Aft sink leading into the                                               aft shower & head
Looking Aft into the main berth.  Emma has a little vanity with a stool on a swivel.  The aft bed is full width port to starboard.  Around the corner is the aft sink and the shower and head are to its right.  Coming forward is the Galley with double sink, freezer, Force 10 propane stove and aft of that is the reefer.  The navigation station is opposite the Galley to port.  Forward of the Nav Station is the Saloon dining table.
Navigation Station port                Saloon table port
Opposite the Saloon table is a pullman berth.  It extends to be seating at the table with the addition of a table "leaf".  Forward of that and opposite the port mid berth, is the starboard mid shower & head.  I'll try to get some pictures of that on the next upload.
Mid berth with the tube and rail second bunk.  Forward is the "V" Berth.
This was the first time that Blue Sky had her anti-foul spray applied.  It was really excellent and gave great protection throughout the sever SE Asia waters.
The ss wire rope on the right is our bobstay.  Seeing that, I had Joe Walsh replace 18 out of the 22 standing rigging wires.
On the slipway in Woolwich Marina, Sydney Harbor 2007
The children at the yard and Blue Sky
The lastest haul out (#7) is here in Rebak. We put a new coat (4) of Int'l antifoul.  New blue boot and top stripe.  New cutlass bearing and aligned the prop shaft!
Joe also replaced all of the turnbuckles.
Blue sky now has 20 out of 22 total standing rigging stays replaced with brand new ss wire rope.  All of the original bronze turnbuckles have been replaced with Ronstan stainless steel turnbuckles.  All of the clevis and cotter pins were replaced with new 316 stainless.
s/v Blue Sky
Back in the water and ready to go to Thailand and face the Indian Ocean for one year!
Welll the answer to that question is YES & NO.

Blue Sky will be for sale in the future but she is not currently for sale.

Blue Sky
is a blue water, ocean going sailing vessel.  We are currently underway on our voyage with a few years left before our return to Redondo Beach, California. 

We spent many years preparing for our voyage.  If you are serious about a voyage with a departure date of 2011-2012 you should contact us.

Having looked at over 18+ blue water sailing vessels (new & pre-owned) in the Western US, Canada & Mexico. We finally choose
Blue Sky, a 45' Down Easter Ketch, over the others because we saw the potential that it could become.  While looking at boats we realized that the majority, if not every one, required a MAJOR re-fit, eg:  equipment, components or materials were just outdated, worn out, or did not exist.

Many of the boats we looked at were simply abandoned by their owners and  left to rot.  There is little worse that can be done to a sailing vessel than to chain it to a dock and leave it unattended. 

Blue Sky is not a "project boat".  The difference  is Blue Sky is maintained to the highest standard.  Our risk acceptance in terms of preventative or normal maintenance is zero.  We constantly protect, preserve or replace components that make up Blue Sky.  She takes care of us so we take care of her. 

Thus if you are serious about a voyage  or know of a friend or family member that's in the planning stage now,
contact us and really begin to live the dream.