Richards Bay, South Africa, Oct-Nov 2009
Once again the children proved to be our little ambassadors.  Playing at the park in the Yacht Club they met some wonderful children.  In return we met the parents who have been very helpful and generous.  One family, the Davidson's took us out to their property at Dick's island, where they raise goats and cattle.  David took us on a tour of the lake where we saw a massive crocodile above, the photo does not give it justice.  The lake is choaked with water hyacinths, which the city is trying to get under control, Phoebe and Thomas plough the way.  The children spent the majority of the day building a tree house, while we relaxed under the trees and were treated to a braii. 

Phoebe and Drake had the opportunity again to attend a local school, 
Grant Leigh.  This was a more formal school than the one in Mayotte, and they had a good experience seeing what other children are required to do. They both still think it is all about socializing, but they did well listening to the teacher and following the instructions.   
Phoebe with Karyn
Bronwyn, David, Fergus and Thomas
Matteo coaching Jim, and below on the left his shots from 100 meters out.  Not bad.
Shannon and Caroline from Rhode Island, off s/v Some Day Came.
Laura Donna, Matteo and Leo Mattioda
Phoebe, Caroline, Kyle, Drake, Dunca, Karyn and John.
John and Karyn Weller
Another friend the children met was Karyn Weller, her father John arranged for us to go hunting at Laura Donna's and Leo's farm called Tonevale.  Their son Matteo was our expert guide and informed us of the strict South African gun laws and the safety issues.  Shannon and his daughter, Caroline, off s/v Some Day Came joined us for the day.  After ensuring that Jim and Shannon could shoot, it was time for them to go hunting. They both went with a guide to seperate sides of the reserve, as too many people could scare the animals away.  While the boys were off hunting, I stayed with the children and enjoyed riding around the farm in the John Deere 4 x 4 Gator.  The children had a ball driving along the dirt roads, saying it was better than Disneyland.   Jim and Matteo came back empty handed, however, Shannon was successful with an Impala and later that afternoon with a zebra.  As they say, when in Africa,  it was another highlight of our African experience.  Laura Donna and Leo brought some meat to braii for lunch and a bottle of their home made Shiraz, what a treat.
Progress Empangeni rebuilt our wet elbow, exhaust elbow for our main engine, the Perkins M92
Jim, Thomas, Drake and Phoebe
Tail of a large crocodile, approximately 14 feet
Jim and Emma
Drake with the goats above, David and Thomas below.
Phoebe holding a baby ostrich
Drake holding a rifle
Phoebe, Drake and Caroline with giraffes at Tonevale.  Below, Karyn, Phoebe, Carolyn, Drake and Kyle, driving around.

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