Back in California, Re-Fit

Once the engine was installed and we did the bare minimum to ensure Blue Sky would make it back to California, we sailed her north to Wilmington. This is a very industrial marina in the heart of LA Harbor, the perfect place to do the re-fit and get Blue Sky ready for our Circumnaviation.

This is a view under our floor boards, at the top is the Kohler generator, then the Force 10 water heater, and a secondary electric bilge pump and fresh water pump. The two pumps will be relocated vertically opposite the dual racor fuel filters, which are at the bottom of the photo, port side. The eight Trojan T-125 brown batteries, lined up either side, will be replaced with six absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries, for the house bank. In addition, there will be two group 24 starter batteries, for the Perkins engine and the Kohler generator.

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